Love Frankie on The Beach products! The Shampoo works extremely well, spreads quite easily, and a little goes a long way. The dry shampoo is a great time saver. We've used this many times on our golden doodle. Highly recommend giving the products a try, your pet won't be disappointed!

Fort Worth, TX

Got all the products of Frankie on the Beach line. Not sure what to say but WOW! It was such a pleasure to wash Duke, felt like we were on a tropical beach somewhere the fragrance and the texture of the shampoo is incredible. Duke had a bath about a week ago and still smells amazing. The odor eliminator is so amazing!! Tried some on my couch, the smell is so luxurious. Now I am not afraid when people come over for dinner and everything smells like dog. The den smells like a beach. You go Frankie...thanks for your line, finally something that smells incredible!!

Marianne & Duke
Savannah, Georgia

Purchased a Frankie on the Beach Hoodie and a bottle of the Dry Shampoo. The hoodie is fantastic looks so vintage and the comfort level is a 10! Wearing at the beaches in Florida getting a lot of questions about it. Dry shampoo is simply the bomb, where has this product been all this time.

Miami Beach, Florida

First off I love Frankie, we see the big guy strolling on the beach all the time, we had to support his brand and the cause. Tried the shampoo and conditioner, our dog smelled like fresh coconut for almost 2 weeks. He is Labradoodle with delicate skin. Frankie on the beach shampoo & conditioner is perfect no itching or dry spots.

Frankie we love you!!

Los Angeles, CA