Our Story

Frankie on the Beach came about from Frankie's love of the ocean and frolicking in the sand. Anyone who has a dog that likes to get down and dirty in the sand or anywhere for that matter, knows how hard it is to keep your best friend looking and smelling clean. The list is endless of what they love to roll around in. Hence, Frankie on the Beach was born.

We developed a line of dog haircare products using natural human grade ingredients, that are healthy and nurturing for the dogs' skin and at the same time, effective in controlling odor. Products that could be used as often as needed to keep dogs clean and fresh. Your dog will appreciate it, never mind how you will feel with a clean dog in the house. From all this came one of our best sellers, Frankie on the Beach probiotic dry shampoo developed by Malibu cosmetic extraordinaire Marissa Pomerantz.

Like many dog owners, my life revolves around my boy Frankie and his need to always hangout on the beaches of Malibu and jump in the ocean. It's great hanging out in Malibu with him, but I also wanted to look good, so he wasn't getting all the attention on the beach. This is how the idea of cool vintage Malibu style apparel came about. Merchandise from hoodies & T-shirts to trucker hats and even an accessory like a heavy-duty canvas beach bag to carry all Frankies toys and maybe a 6 pack of beer for myself.

Lastly, Frankie is creating his own special fund that will help the homeless vaccinate their own companions. We all know how special a dog is to us. It doesn't matter where you are in life whether you are rich, poor, or homeless, dogs will love you unconditionally. Let's help others keep their dogs healthy.

Frankie and I want to help so if you decide to purchase anything from Frankie on the Beach a percentage of the sales proceeds is going to a non-profit fund to kick start this mission.

There is so much more to come in terms of merchandise and products and what we want to do as a company to make a difference for our "four legged kids". Stay in touch for updates.

I sincerely hope you love what you see so far.

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Our Story - Frankie on the Beach